My job is to connect people…

to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than I found them, more able to get where they’d like to go. – Seth Godin


Hey, I’m Elle!

I sing in the shower and almost everywhere else. I eat tuna tartare for breakfast. I can play every Dixie Chicks song on the guitar and never turn down a tennis match invite.

My Mom was a Writer

What she taught me I still live by. She said, “less is always more. Don’t write unless you have something meaningful to say. And, always tell a story.”

Tools I’m Dangerous With

HubSpot,, Salesforce,
Woopra, AdWords, Zendesk,
Marketo, Pardot, Perfect Audience, WordPress

Places I’ve Published

The Next Web, CIO Review, Huffington Post, Gartner, Business2Community, Web Analytics World and more

Communities I’m Linked to

Mobile Marketing Association, Innovation Enterprise, Digiday, iMedia, CMO Executive Network


Kentucky Native. California Local.

Connecting Experiences Through Data

Clicks, impressions, uniques…these metrics we’ve come to rely on lack the humanity and truth that lies within the total customer experience. Instead, I take a holistic, multi-touchpoint approach to understand and enhance the experiences people have when engaging with your brand.

1. Research

Identifying and aggregating the people, data points and network that are connected to the problem I’m trying to solve.

2. Analysis

Unifying this research and designing an end-to-end user story that becomes the closest reflection possible to the experience. Analyzing for trends, outliers and gaps.


3. Discussion

Collaborating on the research and analysis insights to discover the challenges and opportunities.  Removing correlation vs. causation assumptions and subconscious bias.

4. Implementation

Execute on conclusions with small, measurable goals. Design reporting for ongoing analysis and continually communicate results with all relevant parties.

Things I do and Things I’ve done

Throughout the last ten years I’ve spent as a marketer I’ve had the opportunity to work in a number of different areas. These are my core competencies but I learn a little more every day.


Produced content across verticals with 50+ pieces published to date. Love writing about anything SaaS, startup, culture, marketing best practices and the future of analytics.


As an Events Manager, I orchestrated and attended 100+ conferences. From initial event lead creation to branding to onsite pitching. During my time at Edmunds, Momentfeed, and Secureauth, I turned event opportunity into pipeline and loved the chance to build new relationships every step of the way.


Currently managing 50+ integration partners and dozens of VARs, Agencies and implementation partners at Woopra. From concept to pipeline creation and beyond!


The modern consumer journey is an omnichannel, non-linear, multi-touchpoint experience. My specialty is connecting those touchpoints to help every employee make data-driven decisions. I’ve found that unified data, drives unified experiences. And that, unified experiences, drive retention, growth and revenue.


I rely on behavioral data to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. Relying on targeted efficiency vs. casting a wide net to deliver quality over quantity.


At the core of every successful startup is a team of incredible people. I’ve had the opportunity to play a role in building company culture – from weekly videos at Edmunds to team off sites at Woopra – I jump at the chance to grow teams and inspire passion and purpose.

Projects and Pieces I’m Proud Of

Those that helped me learn, grow, challenged me in some way and/or made a significant organizational impact.


“Elle and I engaged in several projects over the course of my tenure with Woopra. She is incredibly hard working and committed to her work. Her experience with technology, knowledge of the analytics ecosystem and excellent communication skills make her an indispensable asset to the organization.

The role of leading Woopra’s partnerships comes naturally to her, but she is also very comfortable within a startup environment and wears multiple hats in the company – be it owning the marketing initiatives, bringing in sales leads or organizing Friday happy hours and karaoke!

Elle brings in a ton of energy to the workplace and is always a delight to work with. I hope to cross paths with her again!”

Hiral Jasani
Product Manager

“I worked with Elle managing partnerships at Woopra. She is an incredibly hardworking and capable team member to say the least. I am always impressed by how many projects and teams she can juggle while giving each her best. She brings both passion and a lighthearted air to everything she does.

Elle has a rare combination of professional competence and an easygoing attitude that makes her a pleasure and a privilege to work with. She has the ability to quickly grasp the needs of different teams in the business as well as clients and partners, and use this to formulate project objectives. Then she tops it with a cherry by communicating clearly to all involved, and bringing an uplifting spirit to the team and the work.

In our time together at Woopra, Elle impressed me with her writing skills, her get-down-to-it work ethic, her ability to learn and quickly implement, the rapport she forms with clients and teammates alike, her willingness to do what it takes to advance the project and company (even if it’s outside of her job description), her ambition and hunger, and the morale boost she brings to everyone working with or even near her.

In short, she is incredibly competent and effective, tastefully ambitious, and extremely amiable.

Elle is passionate and savvy about the technology startup world in particular, and would unquestionably be an asset to any team. I would jump at a chance to work with her again, and so should you.”

Ralph Samuel
Software Engineer

Bored yet?

If so, watch this puppy and baby video to cheer you up. If not, don’t be scared to reach out and say, “what’s up?!”